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Page in Progress: Memorial Planning Resources

Memorial Planning: Programs

Listed here are some mortuary and cremation companies recommended by families that have walked this path. These memorial companies are especially compassionate to this unique loss.

Many companies have reduced prices for miscarriage, stillbirth, or infant services. If you choose burial, a funeral home is another opportunity that families can do more of those memory making moments. You could do additional foot and handprints, molds, more pictures, or more family can meet your baby at the funeral home, too.

Funeral Home and Cremation Services

*Braman Mortuary and Cremation Services, Omaha, NE

"We used Braman Mortuary on 144th Street, and they were so kind and gentle. They offer free services to infants. We only had to pay for the transportation from the funeral to the grave site. They also let us see our daughter and visit her as many times as we wanted to while we were waiting for the funeral. Our limo driver was a retired pastor so he and the other escort prayed a special prayer with us at the gravesite and made a special flower that they placed on top of her grave. They really cared about her life, too."

~Freya's Family

*Heafey Hoffman Deworak and Cutler Mortuaries and Crematory, Omaha and Bellevue, NE

"Heafy Hoffman does free infant cremations. They were amazing to work with for both losses."

~Finley, Ellie, and Elijah's Mommy

"Heafey Hoffmann Dworak Cutler did our cremation. They were very kind to us. They waived the cremation cost since Parker was stillborn. They would’ve given us a white box for his ashes for free, but we opted to purchase an urn. They work closely with an engraver and the process was smooth. They said on Monday, it could take up to 2 weeks for everything to be accomplished; they had it done on Wednesday of that same week."

~Parker's Mommy

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Monument Markers and Memorial Containers

*Speidell Monuments, Lincoln, Beatrice, and Hastings, NE

"I was a mess when it came to designing a permanent graveside marker for our daughter. Permanent... so many emotions! We had visited another company that tried really hard to accommodate me, but nothing felt right, or fit our budget. I wanted a pink stone, which apparently, is incredibly hard to find! After 8 months of searching stones and companies, a family friend suggested Speidell in Lincoln. Immediately pulling into the parking lot, I spotted the perfect pink stone in their window. It even glittered in the sun, and it was a blessing that they were thousands of dollars less than the other company we had met with. The representative was so compassionate and patient with me. He sent me email picture updates of the stone's progression, and we were even able to be present when they set the stone in the cemetery. The setters were also very loving and empathetic to this broken hearted mama, daddy, big sister, and grandparents. I'm sure we were quite a scene as we watched them pouring concrete, but they were so caring. Every employee we worked with was so caring. I highly recommend Speidell Monuments out of Lincoln."

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Songs to Comfort your Heart

A list of sweet songs to sing or play for your baby

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Additional Resources to alleviate financial burdens:

*Faith's Friends, Iowa and Nebraska 

"Our Mission is to help relieve families' financial burdens during times of infant loss by helping pay for funerals, headstones, and burial costs of infants and young children who pass away."

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